Asylum Haunted Scream Park - a 42 acre halloween theme park in Louisville KY


The Asylum Haunted Scream Park is thought to be located on the site of what used to be an old asylum that mysteriously burnt to the ground. Some consider the 40 acres of forest to be haunted by the spirits of tortured patients, some believe that survivors of the fire and their offspring are still living out in those woods, and some say that the quiet rural location is a nighttime hotspot for cult activities. Whether or not the rumors are true, Asylum Haunted Scream Park is still a horrifyingly fun adventure for all who dare enter into the woods after dark.

According to recently discovered records, the Pond Station Asylum, built in the 1890’s, was originally used as a mill, but later converted to a charity based home for the disabled. Prior to modern advances in medicine, asylums were used to house a variety of patients including, the mentally ill, disfigured, homeless, alcoholics, disabled veterans, and even the elderly. Many asylums offered a safe retreat and sanctuary for their patients, but some developed sinister reputations for inhumane cruelty and treatment methods that would now be considered barbaric. The asylum was often a last resort, and last stop for the abandoned souls who were admitted there. Over the years there were various rumors of malpractice and abuse from volunteer employees and maintenance workers. Some have even spoke of bizarre experiments, torture, and belief that the medical staff of the asylum were mentally disturbed themselves. Pond Station Asylum was located on an expansive plot in a small community, but still many locals complained of strange nightly occurrences and the sounds of howling, wailing and screaming that could be heard from miles away.

In the 1940’s Pond Station Asylum inexplicably burned to the ground. The cause of the fire was unknown, and there were no documented survivors. Because the asylum was not a state regulated hospital, there were no records available to provide an accurate account of how many patients and employees were in the building.

As suburban developments continued to boom in the area, reports and rumors of the old asylum were kept quiet. The forest around the site of the old asylum was inherited by survivors of the asylum’s founders. The property, considered unfit for residential development, was zoned industrial and the surrounding land grew into a business park for warehouses, shipping and distribution centers. The asylum property is currently being used as an extreme sports and recreation center, Paintball Asylum, but the woods remain closed after dark and select trails are only open to the public during the Halloween season when Asylum Haunted Scream Park is in operation.

The stories and urban legends of Pond Station Asylum are not well known, but the forest still occasionally draws in curious explorers seeking the source of the horrifying screams that can be heard each night as darkness falls on asylum.


*Disclaimer: All content regarding Asylum Haunted Scream Park, Pond Station Asylum, Darkness Falls on Asylum or other related attractions is purely for entertainment purposes only. Content regarding mental health and disabilities is not intended to reduce, demean, or parody individuals with these conditions, but to enlighten the public and serve as a reminder of all the unfortunate patients throughout history who have been mistreated due to a lack of understanding their specific medical conditions.