Asylum Haunted Scream Park - a 42 acre halloween theme park in Louisville KY

Shadowlands – Live Action Experience

Shadowlands – Live Action Experience


(A Brand New Interactive Lights-Off Event. Location: Darkness Falls)

On rare occasions when the stars are aligned just right the veil between the living and the dead can be crossed. A ritual can take place to open the gates to another world. Complete the ritual successfully and survive, but beware what the darkness hides. Come partake in a candlelit conjuration and frightful journey through the other side in this new interactive lights-off event.

Groups of 2-4 customers will be participating in a theatrical and interactive ritual to open the gates to the netherworld. After the initial ritual they will receive one light source per group to light their way as they traverse through the dark wooded path. On their journey they’ll have to complete certain tasks, interacting with items and characters, in order to complete the ritual and return to the world of the living.


NO DRUGS – NO ALCOHOL – NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK – and NO WEAPONS are allowed inside the park. (If you need to leave an item you can leave them at the attraction gate and retrieve them after you exit the show, or return items to your car)


We’d like to ask that you please turn all CELLPHONES on SILENT during the show.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. (If you lose an item you can report it at the ticket window leaving a description of the item, your name and contact information, and we’ll contact you if we are able to retrieve your lost item.)

We highly recommend that you SECURE PERSONAL BELONGINGS tightly away in pockets.

Each group of 2-4 customers will be given a SINGLE LIGHT SOURCE. Please do not use any external lights (flashlights, cell-phones, etc.). We have designed the show to be lights-off for a reason


Please LISTEN and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS for your safety and best enjoyment of the show.

STAY ON THE PATH. Do not wander into the woods, or we cannot guarantee your safety.

Once entering into the attraction there is no way back. You must CONTINUE FORWARD.

You will be asked to participate in various interactions with the characters and specific items. You may also be asked to ingest substances or liquids which you may do so at your own discretion.

You may be asked to physically interact with some of the characters. None of the interactions will be violent or threatening. Examples would be holding hands, interacting with items, being gently guided to a location. Unless instructed by the characters please do not touch or grab any of the actors or prop items.

***Violation of any of these rules may be grounds for immediate ejection from the attraction and possibly the entire park.