Asylum Haunted Scream Park - a 42 acre halloween theme park in Louisville KY



SLENDERMAN – Live Action Experience – 2019

(Location: Zombie City)

Slenderman Live Action Experience takes over a new part of Asylum – Blackwood City. All new areas to explore! Equipped with only a single flashlight and a few friends, venture into the mysterious abandoned town of Blackwood City and surrounding swampland to find Slenderman’s 8 pages and try to make it out alive.

Our Slenderman event is based on the original Slenderman 8 pages video game, but also includes characters inspired by Marble Hornets, and other Creepypastas. Customers will enter the attraction in small groups of 2-4 people with only 1 flashlight per group. Their goal is to find the 8 pages we’ve hidden around the haunt and avoid getting too close to Slenderman, or one of Slenderman’s minions will mark their page indicating a “kill” and they can’t use that page in their end page count score.


NO DRUGS – NO ALCOHOL – NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK – and NO WEAPONS are allowed inside the park. (If you need to leave an item you can leave them at the attraction gate and retrieve them after you exit the show, or return items to your car)


We’d like to ask that you please turn all CELLPHONES on SILENT during the experience.

Slenderman is known to cause strange disruptions with electrical items. (I wouldn’t risk possibly breaking or losing your phone.)

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. (If you lose an item you can report it at the ticket window leaving a description of the item, your name and contact information, and we’ll contact you if we are able to retrieve your lost item.) I

We highly recommend that you SECURE PERSONAL BELONGINGS tightly away in pockets.

Each group of 2-4 customers will be given a SINGLE LIGHT SOURCE. Please do not use any external lights (flashlights, cell-phones, etc.). Extra lights may alert unwanted attention to your presence.

Please LISTEN and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS for your safety and best enjoyment of the show.

STAY ON THE PATH. Do not wander, or we cannot guarantee your safety.

Once entering into the attraction there is no way back. You must CONTINUE FORWARD.

Please DO NOT TOUCH anything you don’t have to while inside. Do not touch or grab any of the people, or things, you may encounter. (If you attempt to touch one of those things we can’t guarantee what they might do to you in return.)

***Violation of any of these rules may be grounds for immediate ejection from the attraction and possibly the entire park.