Asylum Haunted Scream Park - a 42 acre halloween theme park in Louisville KY


Zombie City is a fully immersive and interactive theatrical haunted house in Louisville Kentucky for Halloween, and is unlike any other attraction in the area. You become the star of the show and are immersed in the middle of a live interactive play.

You’ll interact with theatrical actors that explain the story of Blackwood City and its destruction, avoid zombie attacks, and successfully escape the city in order to survive.

Zombie City continues the story with updates every year, and the experience gets all the more frightful!

04/12/2011 BREAKING NEWS: A small rural city just outside of Louisville, Kentucky has been under a military enforced quarantine after a devastating new disease spread through the entire town threatening all of its residents. This disease is considered deadly, highly contagious, and there is currently no known cure. Neighboring residents, friends, and family are urged to remain patient, stay close to home, and wait for further instructions and updates on the situation…


010/04/2011 UPDATE: Paragon Technologies Corporation, a research company specializing in agriculture and pesticide research, has been found to be responsible for an encephalitic disease that caused the outbreak in Blackwood City that the locals have named Pandora’s Rage. The disease is highly contagious and acts quickly primarily affecting the brain and nervous system, as the disease progresses it shuts down vital organs causing death. There are reports that the disease changes those infected making them irrational, delusional, and extremely violent. Some reports claim the affects of the disease on the nervous system are so strong that it causes the body to continue to move after death. Researchers are still working on isolating the prion strain responsible for the mutation that caused the outbreak in hopes of finding a cure.


04/13/2012 UPDATE: The survivors of the Blackwood City Incident have remained under a permanent quarantine without power, water, or food supplies for over a year. There is an unverified rumor circulating that the government is planning to clear the city with the use of military forces. A rebel group of religious zealots has formed a militia determined to get out before the military closes in. Some people are arguing the ethics of allowing innocent people to die in order to prevent spread of this horrifying disease.


06/13/2013 UPDATE: The military’s attempt to sterilize Blackwood City failed. The military strategically released a bomb that was expected to clear the small town of infectious and dangerous materials so cleanup procedures could begin, but the explosion was never confirmed. The exact location of the bomb is unknown, but it is believed to be somewhere within the quarantine zone and should not affect civilians in surrounding areas although precautions have still been put into effect.


09/12/2013 UPDATE: We’ve received a scattered transmission that appears to be coming from the Blackwood City quarantine zone. One of the Paragon Technologies technicians claims to have stayed behind in the quarantined area and has been working on a cure. This man claims that he has found a cure for Pandora’s Rage and is asking for assistance to get the sample out of Blackwood City to the CDC. Parts of the transmission also mention a variation of the disease due to leaking radiation from the missing bomb.


03/02/2014 UPDATE: The CDC has issued a statement that they never received any sample relating to Pandora’s Rage. However, a group of Russian scientists have claimed they have a cure. They’ve obtained clearance from the government for research and ethical human testing within the quarantined area. Russian soldiers have been seen moving in and around the quarantine area transporting large biohazard crates and equipment.


11/16/2014 UPDATE: The Russian factions have been evacuated and taken into custody after a discovery of a terrorist group within the Russian team. This terrorist cell was found doing horrific human experimentation and trying to utilize the disease as a biological weapon, infecting civilians and releasing them from the quarantined area which further spread the disease to surrounding cities creating mass panic. All threats of the spread of infectious disease are currently resolved.


02/26/2015 UPDATE: Paragon Technologies Corporation, the company that was found responsible for a devastating outbreak of an encephalitic disease known as Pandora’s Rage, has graciously offered to come back to cleanup Blackwood City and their reputation with the help of government grants and private corporate funding. Cleanup efforts are in full force to remove radioactive waste leftover from a bombing attempt in June of 2013, all infectious materials have been cleansed and incinerated, and using state of the art technology Paragon has created a cure for surviving Pandora’s Rage victims. Massive cleanup and construction for new housing and commercial spaces is expected to be finished by the end of August. Specialty tours of the new Paragon Research Park and Blackwood City renovations will be available this fall. Come see the wonders of science and technology in this history city that was once struck down by tragedy.