Asylum Haunted Scream Park - a 42 acre halloween theme park in Louisville KY

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2014 Reviews:

The Scare Factor ( 2014 Review

Darkness Falls: Darkness Falls on Asylum brings Asylum’s own twist of demented and diabolical characters to the table with some new-and-improved scenes and frights that you don’t want to miss!
Zombie City: The Zombie City attraction continues the story involving the spread of the Pandora virus and attempts to contain it in Blackwood City in a comparatively less-scary, yet immersive and theatrical walkthrough.
Xterminate: Xterminate: Zalien Attack, requires you and your team to “lock and load” with realistic weapons (paintball markers) to wipe out a warehouse full of zombie aliens before they break free and wipe out the world!
Carnivale of Lost Souls: the Carnivale of Lost Souls, which is a midway-style attraction with lots of games, photo ops, souvenir stands, and freak shows to keep you entertained during your visit.
Overall: Think you’ve got what it takes to experience Asylum Haunted Scream Park? Then make sure they’re on your list of must-see haunts in the Louisville area this season! The atmosphere at AHSP is very fun and instantly puts you in the mood to have a good time!  It took our group around 21 minutes to find our way to safety from Blackwood City, and another 27 minutes to complete our trek through the evil timbers of Darkness Falls. We also estimate that we spent 10 minutes killing off all the Zaliens in Xterminate, making this a combined total of almost 1 hour of entertainment! That puts this value at just over 2 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent! Your time spent inside each attraction may also vary per group. This is a great value, offering quite a bit of bang for your buck! If you’re looking for spooky entertainment with 4 differently-themed areas at one location, then be sure to check out Asylum Haunted Scream Park!

Ohio Valley Haunts ( 2014 Review

Darkness Falls: This year showcases its strongest performance to date.  Continuing the positive strides is adding to this attraction’s popularity in an area customers flock to outdoor trails.  Asylum Haunted Scream Park is obviously doing a lot of things right judging from the size of their crowds!  Expect even bigger and better things from them in the future as they continue to bring an entire evening’s worth of seasonal entertainment to the Louisville area.
Zombie City: We can’t stress just how good this attraction is!  Zombie City showcases THE most theatrical acting the haunt industry has to offer.  It’s different, and unique.  They have a story to tell, so pay attention, listen to what’s being said, and enjoy the show!
Xterminate: While the event is more entertaining than it is scary, it’s certainly fun, and another option of interesting things to do when spending an evening at Asylum Haunted Scream Park.
Carnivale of Lost Souls: A variety of fun carnival games that can be played are offered in attition to nightly performances by Blue Moon Circus.
Overall: With four drawing cards gathered together at a single location, there’s really something here for the entire family!  Zombie City is one of the BEST, most unique attractions around!

CityBlood ( 2014 Review

Darkness Falls: There are very few times we’re caught off guard, but tonight was different. Darkness Falls on Asylum has scares coming at you from every direction.
Zombie City: Zombie City is one of the best haunts in terms of acting that I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.
Xterminate: This interactive horror adventure is intense.
Carnivale of Lost Souls: There are games of chance, food and entertainment at the Carnivale of Lost Souls. The Blue Moon Circus takes stage and dazzles the crowd. Fire breathers, jugglers, a contortionist and a man who drives nails into his skull perform their hearts out.
Overall: We were pretty impressed with all that Asylum Haunted Scream Park had to offer. Their haunted trail is top notch, Zombie City has an incredible story and Xterminate Zalien Attack is a blast.

Destination Diaries ( 2014 Review

Darkness Falls: Let me warn you, this is not at all for the faint of heart.  Your adrenaline will pump. Your heart will race.  And you WILL want to run… but as you quickly discover, one frightening scene only leads you to the next, as you try desperately to escape the madness.
Zombie City: This is a physical immersion into the scariest movie of the living dead that you could possibly imagine.  As an action-packed haunted house, it is nearly impossible to escape the disease!
Xterminate: Xterminate has got to be one of the most original takes on a haunted attraction I have ever seen!  This shooting experience has guests “xterminating” killer alien zombies, who lurk around every turn in this 17,000 foot arena of doom.
Carnivale of Lost Souls: The Carnivale of Lost Souls, featuring the Blue Moon Circus, is a vibrant, electric freak show experience, with side-show performances, games, food, and plenty of entertainment
Overall: The Asylum Scream Park is a MUST NOT MISS Halloween attrraction, that just has to be one of the most unique concepts that Louisville has ever seen!  Produced by a group with an indescribable passion for all things macabre, the Asylum Scream Park should definitely be part of your annual Halloween tradition.  This Scream Park takes a highly original concept and follows it through to the amazing reality of a Halloween family attraction, that can still be absolutely horrifying when it needs to be.

Louisville Halloween ( 2014 Review

Darkness Falls: is a ¾ mile hike into the haunted woods surrounding the area for about a 40 minute long experience. This is more of a traditional haunted forest, but it’s a good one. The actors are very, very intense and while they won’t touch you they will certainly keep you on your toes. Highlights in Darkness Falls include the Pits of Hell, a slide into the fiery pits of Hades, an elaborate and disorienting clown maze and, in my opinion, the best scare and character in these dark woods, the flying vampiress! The Asylum crew should be commended for creating a massive labyrinth in the center of Darkness Falls that contains many multiple passageways and possible tunnels through which you can proceed, as well as some tricky dead ends.
Zombie City: is much different than what you normally experience at a haunted attraction in terms of theatricality and interaction with the characters in the haunt. YOU are the star of the story. The actors along the trail do have scripted lines to deliver, but they are also trained to improvise and interact with guests as the story progresses. You will be personally involved in the plot, and you will handle props and make decisions that affect the outcome. There are also some pretty impressive special effects used to jumpstart your heart along the way, from major explosions that rock the foundations to blasting pyro and automatic weapons in the climax.
Xterminate: is like a first person shooter video game set inside a gigantic arena. You’ll be assigned a semi-automatic air rifle and a protective vest and sent into a maze full of alien zombies that you’ll actually need to shoot to keep them from eating you alive. This particular attraction received a major upgrade this year. It’s about twice as long as it was last year and the maze is greatly improved
Carnivale of Lost Souls: One of the major improvements made this season was moving the starting gates and lines for Darkness Falls on Asylum, Xterminate: Zalien Attack and Zombie City all to the same side of the park and moving the Carnivale of Lost Souls’ (featuring the Blue Moon Circus) stage all the way down in front of the queue lines. It’s a simple thing, but it makes all the difference in the world while you’re waiting for your turn to get scared. The Blue Moon Circus features unicycle riders, human pincushions, aerialists, jugglers, belly dancers, contortionists, fire dancers and, yes, fire breathers. Even at fifty to a hundred yards away, you’ll feel the heat when Midian does his thing. Shows run more or less continuously, keeping you well entertained while you wait. Don’t worry, all the carnival games you love, including the dreaded Poop Shoot, are still up and running along the Midway and Asylum has even added a couple of new games and an Asylum Haunted Scream Park merchandise booth to the mix
Overall:  Asylum Haunted Scream Park is the most interactive haunt in town. If you like being part of the show, this is probably the haunt for you.

Facebook Comments:

“The Slenderman Live Action Experience is a must! It’s been years since I’ve actually been scared at a haunt. The actors are intense & have perfect timing. By the end, I was sceaming at my group to “Just give him a page, so he’ll go away!” Terrifying, creepy, & fun all at the same time! From one haunter to another – Bravo Asylum, I screamed, I cried, I almost gave you a code yellow!”
Stacy D, Facebook Page

Best haunted house ever!! Four amazing things to do while you are there!! Make sure you come to this haunted house because you will have a blast!
Mackenzie J, Facebook Page

Had a blast. Best haunted house I have been to!!!
Daviel B, Facebook Page

Best I’ve seen
Shane H, Facebook Page

This place is hands down AMAZING!! They are by far the best haunted house in the Louisville area! You get FOUR haunted attractions for an affordable price and you actually get to spend time in the haunts instead of paying $15 for a 15 minute haunted house!! They also have the best actors in the area! The scenes are highly detailed and you will fall in love with this haunt after you’ve been here just once!! But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!
Matt P, Facebook Page

Other Reviews::

I’ve gone to this for the past few years and it never disappoints!  From the scary clowns and other things that run around the area, and move through the line with you, to the awesome entertainment they have on the grounds.  The different attractions within the park are creative, interactive and all around scary and fun.  I have years worth of pictures of scary clowns scaring the crap out of my cousins kid that are just priceless to me.  He asks us to take him back every year too, so I’m guessing it must be more fun than traumatic for him. lol  We loved the zombie city because it was so different from other haunted attractions, and it at least gives the impression that you are really interacting and not just moving through.  The main haunted attraction (I don’t know what else to call it) is my favorite.  It’s long and there are scares lurking around every corner.  Also the actors have always gone out of their way to have fun with us when we’ve gone.  Whether it’s through their awesome performances, or picking up on things like our names to make things extra scary.
I absolutely can not wait to go back this fall.  It’s definitely well worth the ticket price
Holli H, Yelp

2013 Reviews:

Scare Factor ( 2013 Review

Overall: Asylum Haunted Screampark (AHS) is now in their 3rd year of operation. Since joining forces with Darkness Falls on Asylum (now in its 6th year), which continues to terrorize South-Eastern Louisville, Kentucky, AHS introduced three new attractions back in 2011: Zombie City, Zombie Hunting (now ‘Xterminate’) and the Carnivale of Lost Souls. Zombie City’s new tag line is ‘Mutations.’ Much like a movie series, such as ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Underworld,’ Zombie City: Mutations is the 3rd installment of this very theatrical haunt that’s more of an interactive performance, rather than your typical dark attraction, which makes it one of the most unique haunts in our review area! While new customers will completely understand its theme, returning haunters will fully appreciate the changes that have been made to get customers more involved with the story. Darkness Falls on Asylum is a collection of your worst fears brought to life and residing on this 3/4-mile-long trail that also has many new, elaborate scenes and characters for you to scream at! Xterminate: Zalien Attack is a one-of-a-kind, walk-through haunt that arms you with weapons and sends you on a mission to exterminate the zombie-alien invasion that has infiltrated this abandoned warehouse! Lastly, the Carnivale of Lost Souls is the family-friendly midway with carnival style games, a zombie-shooting gallery, freak shows and roaming actors to entertain those that may not be quite ready for the scarier stuff. This way, the brave ones in the bunch can go see the scary stuff while the youngsters (and scaredy-cats) can be entertained by the shows and games offered on the midway! If a unique attraction in the Louisville area with excellent, theatrical characters, bone-chilling scares, and all-night entertainment for the whole family is what you’re looking for, then be sure to visit Asylum Haunted Screampark!

Facebook Comments:

Love going through it, especially darkness falls.
Michelle T, Facebook Page

I enjoy it! every year it’s been open it gets better and better
April S, Facebook Page

I really liked how the actors included you into the story line! Best haunt experience I’ve had yet!
Jeff Y, Facebook Page

Other Reviews:

Excellent haunt! Make sure to do everything!
Linday, Foursquare

2012 Reviews:

OHIO VALLEY HAUNTS ( ) 2012 Review

Overall: “Many unique opportunities exist at Asylum Haunted Scream Park.  Anchored by a traditional haunted trail called Darkness Falls on Asylum, you’re actually given the chance to get involved and participate at the remainder of the attractions, Zombie City, Xterminate Zalien Attack (Zombie Hunting), and Carnival of Lost Souls.  With four drawing cards gathered together at a single location, there’s really something here for the entire family!”
Zombie City: “Zombie City showcases some of the most theatrical acting the haunt industry has to offer.”
Darkness Falls on Asylum: “Darkness Falls on Asylum is the most popular attraction at Asylum Haunted Scream Park.  Where your FEARS come to life after dark! ”
Xterminate: Zalien Attack: “While it’s more entertaining than scary, it provides another opportunity for fun at Asylum Haunted Scream Park.  “Shoot One or Become One!””
Carnivale of Lost Souls:Carnivale of Lost Souls is all about having a good time while visiting Asylum Haunted Scream Park.”

City Blood ( 2012 Review

Zombie City:Doomsday: “This is a very interactive haunt where you’ll be grouped together with other people. This is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the Louisville area. Zombie City is like a mini horror movie where you play a starring role. Will you become a Zambie and walk the earth searching for fresh brains or live another day?”
Darkness Falls on Asylum: “Darkness Falls on Asylum is a 25 minute tour through the dark woods where you’ll meet freaks, weirdos, mental patients and a batch of characters that are from another planet. Darkness Falls on Asylum has a good blend of interactive scenes and traditional rooms you’ve come to expect from most haunted trails.”
Xterminate: Zalien Attack: “This is a fully interactive experience where you’ll enter a dark warehouse and battle flesh eating zombies known as Zaliens. You’re equipped with an air gun and your mission is to make it out alive.”
Overall: “Asylum Haunted Scream Park has a lot of value when you consider that they offer 3 distinctly different attractions, concessions, carnival games and more. This is a fun place to spend your time.”

WINNER: Most Interactive Haunt: Zombie City

Scare Factor ( 2012 Review

Overall: “Asylum Haunted Screampark is in their 2nd year of operation since upgrading from their single attraction (Darkness Falls on Asylum). Many changes have been made in these two years and they are proving to be an outstanding attraction with their increasing review scores! Zombie City: Doomsday is the ‘sequel’ to last year’s haunt and is based off the same story line, but with a few different twists! Darkness Falls on Asylum continues to be the longest and scariest of the 4 attractions at the Screampark and focuses on traditional fears. The Carnivale of Lost Souls also returns this year with many of the same carnival-style games and freak shows as last year, but the attraction with the most improvements is also the newest… Xterminate: Zalien Attack! With the same 1st-person shooter concept that Zombie Hunting introduced last year, Xterminate takes it a step further and brings you closer to these zombie aliens than you probably care to be and arms your group for the mission you’ve been called to carry out! Make sure Asylum Haunted Screampark is on your list of must-see attractions for the 2012 haunt season!


Facebook Comments:

This place will do the following to you: Make you scream, cry, laugh, pee your pants, give you goosebumps, nightmares, and never ending memories of the experience. Be sure to check it out this halloween season!!!
Tiffany C, Facebook Page

I high-fived a stilt walker dressed like the devil and nailed a nail into a guy’s nose! Zombie City FOR THE WIN. I’m going back soon to see the Carnivale of Lost Souls
Spookie F, Facebook Page

BEST HAUNTED TRAIL IN THE CITY!!! My family and I had a blast last night!!! Thank you 🙂
Jessica C, Facebook Page

Zombie City was a big hit the family liked it and so did i.
Zack W, Facebook Page

Tasha C, Facebook Page

Darkness falls is by far the best
Antoine G, Facebook Page

2011 Reviews:


Darkness Falls on Asylum: “This lengthy trail offers plenty of seasonal scares and some unique ones at that.”

Zombie City: “Fantastic dialogue from start to finish! Cast interacts with groups the entire way through, engaging them in conversation. While the engagements aren’t necessarily threatening or scary, the drama and theatrics are by far the best you’ll see in any haunted attraction!”… “Zombie City is an attraction like no other. Not only does it tell a story, but makes you a part of it! Aggressive confrontations are repeatedly warded off by first one defender then another.” … “This unique attraction is definitely not one you want to miss. Get to Asylum Haunted Scream Park, and pay a visit to Zombie City!”

Zombie Hunting:”this live-action spin off of the old carnival shootout games provides another opportunity for fun at Asylum Haunted Scream Park. “Shoot One or Become One!” in the Zombie Hunting interactive paintball experience.”

Carnival of Lost Souls:”Carnivale of Lost Souls is all about having a good time while visiting Asylum Haunted Scream Park.”

Overall: “Many unique opportunities exist at Asylum Haunted Scream Park. Anchored by a traditional haunted trail called Darkness Falls on Asylum, you’re actually given the chance to get involved and participate at the remainder of the attractions, Zombie City, Zombie Hunting, and Carnival of Lost Souls. With four drawing cards gathered together at a single location, there’s really something here for everyone!”…”Ohio Valley Haunts recommends you arrive early for the best experience.”

Twisted Sisters In KY ( –

“This haunted venue has been a Twisted Sister favorite for the past 3 years and, once more, they don’t disappoint in the thrills and chills department. Such variety….sigh. We really love the heart of this operation. These actors are fantastic. Having employees that give a damn about their job is what separates the “Asylum” haunts from the “people mover” haunted houses that depend on flashing lights and cheap scares.”
“This place has style AND substance.”

“Well done, Folks. If you can only go to one haunted house this year, we highly recommend “Asylum Haunted Scream Park””

Facebook Comments:

Zombie City was amazing… I applaud you finding horror actors that will interact with the viewers, it really separated the attraction from other “run of the mill” haunted houses.
Brian J, Facebook Page

Some friends and I made it there Friday night!! We had such a great time!! Love all 4 attractions!! You have the best haunt I have ever been in and it was well worth the trip from Bowling Green to visit!!! Will definately be back for many more scares!!!
Dawn K, Facebook Page

tonight was my first time in a haunted house & you all did a great job it was TERRIFYING & I don’t think I will ever be right again. Thanks lol
Jennifer D, Facebook Page

2010 Reviews:

“we came out to visit last night and the first thing we had to do when we left was tell you all how much of an awesome haunted attraction you all have…NEVER in the many years that i have been to haunted houses not even the ones that are truly haunted have we found one that gave us so many scares but was so much fun, entertaining, and had originality of your alls on thing. tHis by FAR has been the best for us and if you all would of been our first attraction this year we prob wouldnt have went to anymore! Thanks for an all out great night at darkness falls…SEE ya next year! :)”

Michele C, Facebook page

“Totally had fun tonight….this was my 2nd outing since i had my baby…even got some pics of us with scary ppls… sorry that i freaked out at one point…. now i know why i wasnt allowed to go when i was pregnant! ya’ll shud wake me up daily…id never be late for my job again! ♥ thanks for a good time!!!”

Chelsea L, Facebook page

“Well worth a visit. … This is a top quality haunt that should be checked out before the end of the season. Awesome.”

Wayne G, Facebook page

“LOVED IT!!!!”

Michelle S, Facebook page

“TOO SCARY:) The chainsaws and messed up clowns…. I won’t go anywhere else. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

Erin B, Facebook page